Design Market research

service #1


To understand a customer, you have to enter into a personal dialogue. Through interviews, user workshops, observations and conversations, we learn about the daily routines and challenges of consumers to gain valuable insights about their needs.


It’s important to take a step back to look at the bigger picture. We analyse design and market trends, review competitor products and services, and thoroughly explore the competitor landscape before compiling a solid business analysis.


Formulating key insights from research findings helps to frame the problem and set the scene for a successful design process. We explore user touchpoints across all aspects of a brand or business to identify and define valuable market opportunities.


We constantly test the hypothesis we derived during the design research. By prototyping our concepts, testing their usability and evaluating the user experience, we gain further insights for the next stage of the design process.

Product design

service #2


We work with the customer to generate and discuss various thoughts in creative sprints or by performing opportunity workshops. From there, we develop customer journeys and define the parameters for potential solutions to extract the best ideas.


To transfer ideas into visual forms, we explore shapes that best fulfil user needs and express company values. In constant exchange with the client, we reshape the product architecture, and build volume mock-ups or cosmetic models to generate a better product understanding and develop technical functionality.


We create user centered designs through an iterative product development process that is focused on HQ-visualisation and prototyping. Our expertise in mechanical and technical design means we create products that result in the highest degree of feasibility and are ready for production.


We care about fulfilling specific technical requirements. We offer sourcing support, review production samples and help to establish efficient vendor communication to keep the production process on track and moving forward.

Business design

service #3


For a great idea to thrive, it needs to be embodied in a desirable product, delivered by a compelling value proposition and supported by a strong business model. We help to develop, adjust and perfect the fit, and hit the ground running.


By engaging in creative workshops and practising a variety of ideation methods, we inspire innovative thinking and help to develop innovation capabilities. We formulate an innovation process that helps to centre the needs of users and structure the subsequent product development process.


Based on a set of targeted values, we create in a way that is consistent with the design language for a product portfolio. As the caretakers of a business’s design foundations, we provide creative direction and product strategies that extend the reach of a value proposition.


Launching an innovative product requires an agile and iterative approach that delivers a cohesive value proposition to customers. We help clients by shaping solutions that deliver effective product integration support in customer development to enable lasting customer engagement.

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